It comes from all angles. I feel im in a fog

Got no one to confide

I feel I want to blow, this pressure deep inside

Nature is the light


The fog is emptiness

No hope no peace no rest


You’ve come with love and hope and justice

Though I wont stop dreaming

I found that clearing of my heart and soul

Is what I needed


I feel like a machine. Void and lifeless mind

A drone to who’s in line

Ive got to shake this grasp, decaying of the past

Relief from all inside





Something’s taking over me, breaks through this time

It filled this void beyond the mind to halt this grind

Unending, unchanging, grace forever’s mine


What I need to be, what you see in me is….


Your love has taken over my inspiration      

It seems to live inside

Your love has taken over me


You watch me and guide me

In all that I’ve been through

In due time, your arms wide glorious reprise

You gave me forgiveness. Hope and life are free


When it’s you and me, what you see in me is…..


I’ve always searched to find the truth

You found me when I needed you




Everything is relevant just trying to make sense of it

All my walls are “build to suit”

I barely remember it put years in front of it

Just trying to let it go


But when I find what I cant combine

I feel like I cant seem to breathe anymore


My ship is sailing with no one steering

Winds and waves crash from fear

The darkness crowds me and holds me tightly

Doesn’t want to let me go


I can now be free wont you come & fly with me

Solace at my door brought my wings up off the floor